What is the cost to repair a laptop screen?

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What is the cost to repair a laptop screen?

There are many reasons you might be asking the question, “How much to fix a laptop screen?” The screen is the main component of your laptop. It displays and manages everything. It allows you to interact with your laptop thanks to all of its hardware components.

The laptop’s most important component, the screen, is the most likely to fail or be damaged. Depending on the laptop’s brand and quality, the average life expectancy of a laptop’s screen will be between 36-40 months.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular brand. You will need to replace it. Although we wish you would never find yourself in such a predicament, we have an article that will show you how much it costs to fix a laptop screen.

You may have wondered how much it would cost to repair your laptop’s screen. Today’s blog is for all of you.

Let’s first discuss the main components of the laptop screen before we move on to the article.

What is the composition of the laptop screen?

The screen of your laptop comes with an LCD, which displays the system interface and functions of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), to block light from reaching you.

The LCD generally includes 2 panels, which are polarized glass. We also call this the substrate. They also contain a Liquid Crystal material.

The backlight is an important part of sourcing the light through the substrate.

The tiny electrical current that is carried in allows the liquid molecules of crystals to align themselves in a particular orientation to allow different amounts of properties to pass through them. This creates colours and forms images Tech Anything that can be displayed on the screen.

You now know that there are many things that make up an LCD screen. This means that your screen could fail for many reasons. The cost of repairing a laptop screen depends on how much damage has been done.

If there is minimal damage, it could be that the backlight is not working properly.

The LCD might also be damaged by a broken polarizing glass or a leaky liquid crystal display.

This is how repair costs for laptops vary. The cost of repairing a laptop varies by model.

Damage to the hinges of your laptop screen

No matter what brand or build quality, the laptop hinge is a common problem that many users have to deal with. The hinges are located at the back of bezels on the lower side of the laptop. These are some reasons why hinges may break:

  • It could become too rigid.
  • The screen was too heavy to support.
  • The mounts were freed when they broke.

Metal hinges can break off or become detached from the plastic parts. The main problem is when the LCD’s bezel breaks or becomes pushed out.

If these hinges are not treated, they can become ineffective at holding the screen. This will usually lead to the screen falling off one side. Expert technicians should quickly fix problems like hinges.

What is the cost of repairing a laptop’s screen?

It is possible to hire a professional and experienced technician for around $50-$200. It all depends on what kind of damage has been done to your laptop.

Google your laptop to double-check details and the price of the screen repair. Before you pay for repairs, ensure that the technician is qualified and experienced. This lump sum amount is determined by the size of your screen.

For 15.6 inches big screen display

Laptops such as Acer 15.6 will require a $300 repair cost. The technician will need to open the laptop completely, which will add $100 to the total cost. Avoid the local scammer who claims he can fix your screen in less time and without guarantee.

For HP models

You might have more problems with older laptops because they are less common and more expensive. This can lead to increased charges.

If you are able to find the part at a lower price, the technician will charge more because it is difficult to open older laptops.

If you are referred to an experienced technician, the cost of repairing your laptop is around $200-$300. It would also save you hundreds of dollars if you were able to repair your laptop.

Let me tell you, if you have an Apple or Microsoft laptop, the cost of repairing it would be almost as high as buying a new one. It is important to take good care of your laptop. You don’t need to spend $200-$300 on your laptop.

  • Below is a chart listing some of the most popular laptops and their prices.
  • Factors that impact the price of a laptop
  • These are the factors that influence the cost of fixing a laptop.

Laptop model and hinges

There are many sizes of hinges available for every laptop. Some hinges may not be easily or uncommonly available, which can increase the cost of the component. The average price for hinge parts is between $7 and $50.


Repairing a laptop screen can cost you differently depending on where you live. A simple fix to a laptop hinge can cost between $40 and $90. However, it is possible to get more expensive if there are severe damages. This job includes not only replacing the hinges but also replacing the screen back and front bezels.

How can you save money?

It is easy to save money by asking for free estimates from different repair shops to find out how much they will charge. Get an idea of how much each shop charges and choose the one that is the most affordable to repair your laptop.

Verify if your laptop still has its warranty. If the warranty is still valid, you may repair or replace the laptop for no additional charges.

If you’re able to fix the laptop yourself, you could save hundreds of dollars on labor.

Wrapping up

This is how much it costs to fix a laptop screen. This will give you an idea of how much it will cost to fix your laptop screen. You can ask any questions in the comments section. We will help you solve the problem.

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