Link Building Guide And Importance Tactics You Need to get Started

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When I started link building my own websites several years ago, I had a problem: I didn’t know how to get backlinks to my websites! At first, I didn’t even know what I meant and what was the significance of that word backlink, and I didn’t even know why external links are important? Why is everyone talking about it and insisting on a backlink building strategy!

Creating backlinks is crucial to getting ahead of Google search results.

Fortunately this has changed. I’ve learned a lot about link building in the past few years and have been able to test a lot depending on web designer belfast and other cities. That is why today I present to you my great contribution to the topic of link building. This guide is designed to show you how to create backlinks and generate search results.

Definition of backlink building

Let’s first look at what ” link building ” means according to

Backlink building (also called link building) describes an intentional increase in the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your site, and helps improve your site’s SEO results.

Backlink (or external links) is a group of links that point to your site and are on other sites, to turn the visitor of that site to your blog or site! So the more and stronger the number of links, the more it will add strength to your site in global search engines such as bing, yahoo, and most importantly google.

Since there are a variety of ways to create backlinks, in the following post I’ve collected some well-known and successful link building strategies.

Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, everyone should know for themselves which one they prefer. Backlinks should not only raise the ranking in Google search, but also bring a lot of visitors to your site.

Quality and Variety Note: Earlier, you already learned how to analyze the quality of a website. For example, if you have many outbound links (web directories), then you will not see good results, then you should diversify into adding backlinks.

Always try to run a background structure that is relevant to the topic and most importantly, the link is surrounded by content that fits your landing page. Make sure that most of the links you receive come from pages in the same language as your landing page.

Bonus tip : Don’t just put links to your home page, but try to add backlinks to sub pages of your site.

Link Building Strategies

Although Google pays close attention to the natural appearance of hyperlinks, it can still help manually create a strong, positive cookie. Google is still “just” a machine.

In the next section, you will learn some useful tips on how to create backlinks and thus improve your ranking on Google. But do not use an inflationary strategy, because your site can be penalized for tampering and thus ruin everything.

Site Scan is a new feature in Bing Webmaster Tools that checks site SEO

Post helpful comments in relevant blogs. Just add your URL in the given field “URL to your website” in the comment form. “Name” in the form should not be used as keywords, but only your real name. Write meaningful comments with multiple sentences. A simple “Thank you for contributing” is not enough.

Note that comments in blogs do not have a significant impact on improving your site’s ranking.

To find more related blogs faster, you can enter the following terms into a Google search (for “keyword” you must enter your website’s theme):

  • your Keyword + Blog + comment
  • your Keyword ‘powered by wordpress’
  • Keyword ‘leave a comment’
  • Keyword ‘reply to post’
  • Keyword ‘blog’
  • Keyword inurl:blog “Your email address will not be published”
  • Keyword ‘add a site’
  • Keyword ‘submit site’
  • Keyword ‘post site’
  • Keyword ‘add a url’
  • Keyword ‘submit url’
  • Keyword ‘post url’
  • Keyword inurl:Blog
  • Keyword inurl:Kategorie


Links can also be placed in forums related to the topic. Type your URL in the forum signature and actively participate in the forum. So you not only get backlinks, but also a new visitor. If relevant, you should place links to your landing page directly in the posts (threads). Includes the term “forum”.

If you have a variety of sites on different topics, you can contact other webmasters and suggest a link exchange. The request in most cases will be this way to ask the owners of the site to add a link for you and you too.

Make sure there is no direct link exchange (website to website – crosslink exchange), but this hyperlink is linked in posting topics on the pages of that site that many search engines prohibit in their policies.


On the Wikipedia site, you can also try to set a backlink to an appropriate topic. Even if links from Wikipedia are set to NoFollow only, Wikipedia can bring traffic to your page thus helping your site to “Trust” the site. This means that your website can be considered more trustworthy than similar sources.

Find a suitable post for your desired keyword and try to give the post added value (more information on the topic that was not there before). If this information comes purely by chance from you, you can also link accordingly in the sources.

Under the ‘discussion’ of any article, you can easily ask if your page can be listed as an additional source of information.

What are the link building strategies that help your site to top the search results?

At that time, there were a lot of random and ineffective link building methods, but times have changed and search engines have evolved greatly to refute these simple methods.

Nowadays, more is needed to achieve search engine optimization success, and there are countless ranking factors that can improve your site’s visibility and ranking.

No link building strategy will work unless you optimize your website internally (OnPage). So you have to clean your site of errors (such as random keywords on your page, duplicate content, etc.)So take the best content writing services for proofreading. If you do not address these matters sooner or later your site will lose a lot of its rankings. Find out here why OnPage is always improving link building.

What does the natural and high quality backlink you want to get look like?

Google recognizes and penalizes manipulated cookies very quickly for websites If your website contains links from sites that have been penalized by Google, your site can be penalized as well.

The website  , and through the tools provided by this website, identify bad links and spammy backlinks of poor quality.

The Ten Commandments of Building External Links

There are many things that can lead to the failure of your campaign to build external links, so you should pay attention to the rules mentioned below:

An abrupt cessation of external link building is never recommended. If you have been doing a lot of website link building activities in the past months and you have stopped it overnight, it is very likely that it will negatively affect your website ranking!

Pay attention to the nature of the external link structure (use sites and analysis tools to ensure the quality of the link!) SEO sites for link analysis Choose one of them, or

Put the word you want to lead in an Anchor Text link with one specific link to your site and do not add the same word with another link from your site.

Know the number of links that you add on a regular basis. A particular niche should not get a thousand new links per month. Always try to avoid spam.

Pay attention to where your landing page link is. If the link below the site in the footer is not positively evaluated by Google, try to have the backlinks present in the article.

Don’t just set DoFollow backlinks, also add some NoFollow links. For the sake of balance, it is also worth analyzing the competitors and how their links are placed through What are DoFollow and NoFollow links? As explained earlier, backlinks give the link strength (also called link juice) to the linked site. If a link with the “NoFollow” attribute is set on another landing page, the linked target no longer receives the link juice. So a normal backlink without the “NoFollow” attribute is always more valuable. Link Building has always been a hard sport that requires a lot of patience. Don’t expect great results right away after a few days. It may take months for the first successes to become visible.

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